Integrated Payment Processing with X-Charge

ECLIPSE Credit Card Processing

X-Charge provides a unique opportunity to improve the productivity of your practice by offering secure and integrated credit card processing from within ECLIPSE software. With this feature, all of your transactions are secure. Your patients will enjoy quicker authorization times reducing their wait time and improving patient flow. By using a single integrated system, you will also reduce your costs of accepting electronic payments.

Benefits Include:

  • Process payments from any computer in your office
  • Improve efficiency of office staff
  • Streamline the checkout process
  • Authorizations in seconds
  • Supports all major credit cards and PINPad debit
  • Credit Card information can be stored for scheduled, recurring payments
  • No need to swipe cards every visit

It's easy to get started, this application is built right into ECLIPSE on the add new payments screen:


X-Charge Application



If you have any questions, you may contact X-Charge at 1-888-412-8819 or visit