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Eclipse Practice Management Software

Wouldn’t you expect 25 year old software to look like it?  We have maintained a “State of the Art” user interface all while setting industry trends.  ECLIPSE is coded to be on the Leading Edge of Technology.  We have features such as Synchronizing with your Smart Phones and Google Calendar.  There’s text messaging and bulk email right out of the program to your patients.  Now that you’ve seen your patients, you can process their payments with integrated credit card processing, and auto-post their insurance payments in seconds with a true ANSI 835 Remittance.


Any company can reinvent the wheel and put a marketing spin on it, in many cases we invented the wheel.  If you like Case Management, we were the ones that invented the concept.  The first competitor to follow was a decade later.  Where would you think features such as Unlimited Conditions for a patient came from?  You may not care about this today, but what happens when an attorney from 6 years ago needs a copy of a bill?


Most everyone is searching for“all-in-one” software with billing and documentation, scheduling etc.  We had integrated billing and documentation before the concept existed!  ECLIPSE is now supporting the third version of documentation.  Again, ECLIPSE is on the cutting edge with the government mandated “Structured Data” format for our SOAPs and History.