ECLIPSE Electronic Health Record - EHR Software

ECLIPSE Electronic Health Record, EHR Software

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We’re pleased to inform you that ECLIPSE® includes a Documentation package at no additional cost.  That’s our way of giving back to the health care professions we serve. Our documentation comes with complete templates so there is nothing that needs to be set up by you, yet they are completely customizable. We have also recently added a dashboard to speed up workflow, which lists all the pertinent information for you to treat the patient with once click of the mouse.  Many clients have informed us that their exams can be documented in minutes, and routine visit notes in seconds.

Here are some quotes from our clients:


“I’ve been using the ECLIPSE EHR to scan EOB’s (among other things) for years, have all my SOAP in ECLIPSE and have worked through subsequent generations of SOAP as they improved the product. The Encounter – which is a completely new design – allows me to handle my notes in seconds… a feat rare among friends & colleagues with various SOAP systems.” -- Dr. R.S.


“I feel it’s by far the best software on the market. We have implemented it into a very busy office and its not just the speed in which you can enter a note but the quality of note along with its integration with the rest of the software. I have demo’ed everything and really wanted to say thank you for Encounter.” -- Dr. J.P.,."